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Sanef policies

This section details the policies relating to the use of Sanef’s corporate identity and the criteria for the nomination and granting of Sanef’s periodic peer recognition awards.

Peer recognition award

The Sanef-Wrottesley Award, made to a Sanef member for extraordinary commitment to work towards the achievement of the association’s goals. This is not an annual award, but is made periodically as the need arises, ideally on the anniversary of a Sanef milestone or other important event.

Any member in good standing may submit a nomination with a short motivation to the Sanef Management Committee. The winner is acknowledged with a framed certificate and a financial token. To be considered, the nominees must meet all the criteria listed below:

  • Be a Sanef member in good standing
  • Be active in Sanef for at least five years
  • Have shown both practical and leadership commitment, often behind the scenes
  • Have stepped in when Sanef has had difficulties
  • Have worked towards the achievement of Sanef’s strategic goals
  • Have contributed significantly towards the achievement of Sanef’s project objectives over a number of years
  • Have shown initiative in helping to solve problems

Sanef peer recognition award policy


Sanef will accept sponsorship from any organisation that would normally be accepted as an advertiser by the media, subject to the following conditions:

  • Approval of the Sanef Management Committee
  • Subject to any conditions the Sanef Management Committee may negotiate
  • Avoidance of co-branding and co-naming, wherever possible
  • Exclusion of political parties

Our current sponsors are Media24, Caxton CTP, The Witness, Primedia, Independent Newspapers and ETV.

Sanef identity guide

An organisation’s name is its most important identification and is always linked directly with the organisation’s products and services.The basic components of visual identity are a name and a mark (or symbol).  Sanef’s name should speak for itself and its distinctive logo should be a symbol for the Forum. The Sanef logo must always be reproduced from original, digital artwork and must not be altered, redrawn or distorted in any way. The artwork for the Sanef logo and other details are available on request from Sanef.

Sanef identity guide

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