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What is Sanef?

We are a non-profit organisation whose members are editors, senior journalists and journalism trainers from all areas of the South African media.

What does Sanef do?

We are a watchdog for freedom of expression and press freedom, and we advance quality in journalism and campaign for ethics and diversity in South Africa’s media.

Who belongs to Sanef?

Editors, senior journalists, media executives, senior academics from tertiary institutions.

How is Sanef funded?

Running costs are covered by funds from the South African media industry while individual projects and events are funded by other organisations and sponsors. If you would like to contribute to Sanef please contact us.

Does Sanef provide grants to the media or journalists?

We do not offer grants or scholarships.

Who can join Sanef?

Membership is by nomination. Download a nomination form here.

Acronyms used on this site

APRM African Peer Review Mechanism
AU African Union
BBC British Broadcasting Corporation
BCCSA Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa
CFO Chief Financial Officer
COO Chief Operating Officer
DG Director-General
DoE Department of Education
DoL Department of Labour
ECOSOCC Economic, Social and Cultural Council of the African Union
ECT Electronic Communications and Transactions Act (2002)
FPB Film and Publications Board
ICASA Independent Communications Authority of South Africa
MD Managing Director
MISA Media Institute of Southern Africa
NEPAD New Partnership for Africa’s Development
PMSA Print Media South Africa
SADC Southern African Development Community
SAEF Southern African Editors’ Forum
SAQA South African Qualifications Authority
SGB Standards Generating Bodies
TAAEF The All Africa Editors’ Forum

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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